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Chip Shop Vol 2 by Chip Butty Records

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Description: The Sheff City boys are back with 12 high calorie teatime treats all smothered in basslines that are thicker than chippy gravy! If Chip Shop vol 1 announced Chip Butty Recs as the new leading light of the 4x4 Garage sound, then volume 2 suggests that they plan to keep the heat on high at the fryery. Founding members deliver the on-point bangers that we have come to expect from them but it is the newcomers that bring the real sizzlers here; Rico Tibbs ascends to the skies with uplifting rave pianos on "Warning" Judge Chucky draws for the distortion on breakbeat-techno-bass hybrid "Customer Service". While Rolls Royce opts for an old school flex that we would love to see revived this summer festival season. Not a single dud spud in the batch!

Artist: Chip Butty Records

Genres: Bassline, House & Bass, Speed Garage

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