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Hiya, Im Leanne, ive been producing and djing now for over 10 years starting off playing Hard House in 1999 playing on Vinyl playing all over the midlands including Sundissential. Then i moved harder and started to mix and produce Hardcore. Had loads of big tracks out working with Dougal, Gammer, Stompy and Seduction to name a few and even getting on a Ministry Of Sound CD! Boom!
For the last year ive come back bigger than ever and started to play Jackin and Bassline House. Playing for Whatever and Elevate, Im now currently working on some big tracks my first one for Jackin has been Engineered by Roger Jay.
I am currently learning how to create my own unique sound and writing my own music.
I have just made 2 tracks with Danny Haigh our first one stormed into the charts on here of our remix of Rattle and now we have just completed a remix of Outta Space.

On my next lot of tracks im going to be trying and testing out some new sounds that havent been done and seeing how they will fall into my style of bass so keep ur ears open........

I have a new track by myself and Danny Haigh a Sik remix of Outta Space due to copyrights it wont get released check out my souncloud for it if u like it hit me up on facebook and il send you a FREE copy of it xxxxx

For bookings please contact me on
or email


Telephone: 07825334811

Mobile: 07825334811


Facebook: leanne abeyance jefferis

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