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Starting up as an MC back in 2002 at the age of 16 was a daunting task especially in the club environments i was a custom to. After being resident at the infamous Maximes night club and touring all over the UK and Europe i always had a passion for a dirtier bass and started to produce my own stuff Bassline Grime and Hard House. After leaving the bounce scene behind me i joined up with a group of friends and started working on the Alliance tracks with artists such as ILL PHIL and JAMIE DUGGAN. Allowing me to work along the scenes biggest brands such as HECTIK + SLEEPIN IS CHEATIN Just in the process of taking a year or 2 out of the Alliance to get myself established as an artist and as a producer. Theres a mix tape for of original music due for release this winter and an album set for release next spring, music video shoots and working along side some great people such as CHRIS GRESSWELL, LORENZO AND THE FRESH DJ\\\'S as well as my own engineered tracks.






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