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AgV is a producer and deejay from Montreal, Canada, who is taking music in serios and tries to get his talent known across the Globe!
He has listeners from all over the World:
Argentina, Australia, Canada, Romania.....many many more!
He started his deejaying carrer with Trance music and made his first radio show, known as A State Of Sounds...
Then, he discovered the beauty of House music, and, started also deejaying more and more on this particular style!
Yet to come, Dj AgV, decided that deejaying wasn\\\'t enough and from friends and musical experience he started producing House Music then Trance!
Now his has over 3 New releases and 6 in total tracks that had been released as samples!

His career is now getting hotter and hotter!

Keep up and follow me (Dj AgV)

Take care!

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