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AudioMonkiez consists of Danny Haigh & Roger Jay , a brand new callaboration team looking to take the jackin/house n bass scene by storm ... danny haigh has been producing for about 3 n a half years but some of you may be more familiar with his bassline alias Aighy . earned quite a respected name for himself in that scene but has sinced moved over to the jackin sound .. A lot of you will be very familiar with the name roger jay produced anything from bassline house , bassline and jacking to name just a few , along the years roger has engineered for some really big names out there and has a real ear for music , crystal clear mastering and very high levels on production itself .. roger is also involved in another project wwhich you probably will have heard of THE EM KATZ in which he works alongside paul lawrence. the quality speaks for itselfs so if you havent yet heard please check them out .. Danny and roger have only recently started up together and after realizing they worked so well as a team was when they decided to do it a lot more often from there on AudioMonkiez were born .. already got 3 massive tracks under there belt with the first 1 dude gettin its release 15/7/12 sure to watch out for us because we gaurantee to bring big bass , big melodies , massive vocals and serious energy which will hopefully be one of the clubbers favourite production teams ..

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