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Ben Joel

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First started work as a dj for Gridlock’d Records a few years back playing speed garage and 4x4, then after a year or so i started to work in clubs for the Studiobeatz record label based in sheffield.and Resident at the mighty NICHE! (Club Vibe & Niche Bio) Ben has a reputation for his super-tight mixing ability, his scratching skills and has the tunes to do the damage on the dance floor. Currently working on productions of his own, Ben is definitely a name to look out for and is not to be missed!

played in some of the finest clubs/nights in the UK and abroad such as:

Vibe (Sheffield) Zanzibar (Leicester) Niche (Sheffield) Fluid (Leeds) Twilite (Leeds) Raw @ K2 (Keighley) Mingle (Manchester) Krush Boat Party (Ibiza) Plastik (Ibiza) Bass Factory @ Rios (Bradford) Escape (Rotherham) Krush @ Citrus (Barnsley) Tall Trees (Yarm) Naughty But Niche (Leeds) Fez (Sheffield) Reflective @ Zero (Sheffield) Rewind (Sheffield) Bootleggers (Dronfield) Slice Of Heaven (Gainsborough) Musique (Birmingham) Vault (Rotherham) Oxygen (Barnsley) Dikkins (Sheffield) Boilerhouse (Bradford) Ascension @ Lingards (Bradford) Underground (Rotherham) Space (Leeds) Love To Be @ Paradise (Leeds) Above (Leeds) ChipCharlies @ Platinum (Birmingham) Forme (Birmingham) Blaze @ Sherridans (Dewsbury) Majestics (Leeds) Reflective @ Aqua (Sheffield) Kama @ Supanova (Derby) Funky Fridays @ V-bar (Sheffield) Silk Experience @ Air (Birmingham) Chunky Funky @ Isis (Nottingham) Pure Bass @ The Edge (Nottingham) Vodka Revolution (Sheffield) Unique @ Turnstile (Manchester) Bass Heaven @ Adelphi (Sheffield) Funkilicious @ Warehouse (Leeds) The Sanctuary (Birmingham) Metro (Rotherham) Roentgen (Krakow/Poland) Bass Factory @ Foundation (Wakefield) United Bassline @ Cube (Wakefield) Iskra (Lublin/Poland) Urban Exposure @ Mint (Leeds) Scandalous @ Limit (Sheffield) Fuzzy D (Sheffield) Fashion (Loughborough) Krush @ Fez (Sheffield) Bassline Heaven (Birmingham) Hanky Panky @ Northern Lights (Leeds) Hidden/Moonlounge (Birmingham) Fruit Cupboard (Leeds) Bassic Instinct @ Eden (Ibiza) Arches (Sheffield) Urban Chic (Newcastle) Orchis (Sheffield) Forum (Sheffield) Bedroom (Sheffield) Empire (Sheffield) Love Apple (Bradford) Med (Leeds) Download @ Leicester University (Leicester) Runaway Girl (Sheffield) Essential (Leeds) Vibe (Sheffield)





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