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Big Ang is one of the most successful UK female DJ/Producers of all time, famous for her organ and piano house/old skool influence with light hints of bassline. Her remix of \"Deborah Cox - Its Over Now\" was covered by Siobhan Gallagher, and the Big Ang feat Siobhan - Its Over Now release (AATW) reached 29 in the UK chart in 2004.

You can hear the mix here ....

This track was supported by Galaxy FM (Now Capital) and was on their regular playlist for many years. This track was also played on Pete Tong\\\'s show, which was being broadcast live in Ibiza at the time, and was supported by hundreds of DJ\'s, not just in the UK, but worldwide!

Since then, Big Ang and Siobhan have been working on several projects, Wifey was also released on AATW (All Around The World/Universal) and was a hit in the North of England.

Official video for Wifey here ...

Big Ang and Siobhan have also remixed another cover \\\"Rent\\\" which is also a popular hit, from Leeds to London, Big Ang\\\'s remixes have been heard regularly for over 10 years.

Big Ang is still DJing at many venues, and is still remixing today, From 2012, Big Ang will be experimenting with other dance related genres.

Big Ang is also producing and remixing for several artists, and also won a remix competition in September 2012, remixing \\\"The Wideboys - Addicted To The Bass\\\". Big Ang has been featured on many compilations from Ministry Of Sound/Universal and is an established Artist in the music industry.

Some of the artists that Big Ang is working with/has worked with are; Siobhan Gallagher, Young Nate, Wideboys, Jenny Jones, Katie May, Gemma Fox, Leon YT, Becky Rhodes, Kayne Rose, Mo George (from Eastenders), Delinquent, Monsta Boy, Denzee, Micha, Simone, Darren Brookes ... these are just some vocalists who have featured on Big Ang\\\'s productions.

Big Ang will be listing all DJ bookings on this page shortly.
To book Big Ang, please message via the Big Ang Facebook link or Soundcloud link initially.

If you love Big Ang music, please download from links that Big Ang promotes, so you know you are supporting the official download sites that are associated with Big Ang\'s music.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported Big Ang music over the years.

Please visit my Soundcloud page to view various Big Ang remixes.
The remixes featured so far are Electro House, Organ House, Bassline House, 4x4, Mashups, Piano House, 2step / UK Garage ...

Also view older bassline productions here ....
If you comment on the tracks you like on the Big Ang Soundcloud page, I can let you know about the release news for each track x





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