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Brad Ess

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Brad Ess - Bassline-House

Brad Smith - Jackin-House, Dubstep, House



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I\'ve currently been producing for about a year and a half with Reason 5 but on and off, Eventually i realized i wasn\'t any good with reason so recently i moved onto something called Ableton Live 8, Were i find that everything is so much better in my opinion, I\'m still not fully up to scratch with it but I\'m determined to get there in the end!

Also i am a Dj, I\'ve been dong it for over a year now i originally started off with just bassline-house but then realised i need open myself up to all genres if i want to get were i want to be!

I\'m currently a DJ on midlands number 1 radio, you can catch me live every Friday 9-11pm!


Mobile: 07813865906



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