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Hddcut aka Cutostrofic born in Krakow in the late 80s In 2002 began the adventure of producing music. Today it is known a DJ, music producer and turntablist.

In 2004, expands into dj-ing/turntablizm. It was then that begins the most important stage in life - less than seventeen then - hddcut. Initially strongly related to underground hip-hop scene in Krakow. He co-created many musical projects, playing more and more gigs, which led to the acquisition of more experience on stage. Slowly collecting vinyls, trying to create his musical style.

As a party DJ began to realize in 2005 that time hddcut’s sets were filled with hip-hop and energetic R & B. But even then - at events - you could hear a bold experiment with pairing of musical genres, which stood hddcut\\\\\\\'a and earned him a large fan base.

Fruitful year 2005 ended on a high note. It was the place of his first official event in one of the best clubs in Cracow - Frantic. At that time, hddcut was spotted by members of the organization of events Dirty Hustlaz Inc., Which resulted in frequent trips, establishing industry contacts and reputation, he was working from the start.

In subsequent years (2006, 2007) has been the official Dj of rapper by the name of “Juree” (formerly Jurand). June 4, 2007 r. it had a release album “Dirty Hustling”, effort Pokazz Rec. / Fonografika Rec.). On this album - by Juree - as a matter of scratches/cuts was just hddcut. In the meantime - and several artists from Cracow - formed his own band. The first was “Enprzezhadoa” and “Synergia”. With these teams collected a lot of positive reviews and awards. An example is the Grand Prix at the National Survey of Independent Hip-Hop scene in Ketrzyn (Town in North Poland). This award is given twice (2007, 2009). Now - with the majority of the old bands - one of the PROKRU project, which brings together many artists from Cracow.

In early 2009, released the album Cutostrofy Mixtape 2008 and gave up on the official mixtape legendary club “The Fresh” in Warsaw, where he was resident.
At that time (2009 - 2011 onwards) has extended its cooperation with the club include: Platinum club in Warsaw, Ego Club (Sopot) and the club Tokarnia (Tychy). This period also proved to be fruitful in overseas performances (Italy, France, Croatia, Bulgaria). Ennoblement were also common events with the top artists of the Polish and the world (eg: DJ Angelo, DJ Abdel, DJ Excel, DJ Sub Zero, Lisa Millett (Defected Rec.) and others. The year 2012 brought another residency (Warsaw club- Foksal XVIII) and was the beginning of a return to the musical production based on the wording of D\\\\\\\'n\\\\\\\'B, Hip-Hop by the Ghettofunk / Brakes.

At the end of 2012, has created an entirely new producer\\\\\\\'s project called Cut\\\\\\\'o\\\\\\\'strofic which will prevail dance music (House / Jackin \\\\\\\'& Bass House, Nu-Disco).

In 2013, He plan to create a duet (turntables + vocals) and continue as a party to pursue a DJ and music producer.

Resident: Frantic Club (Cracow), Platinum Club (Warsaw). Foksal XVIII (Warsaw), Ego (Sopot)

Sounds like : R & B / Rap / Dancehall / Mashup / Funk / Nu-Funk / Ghettofunk / Brakes / Bass Music / Dubstep / Trap / D\\\\\\\'n\\\\\\\'B/ House / Jackin\\\\\\\' House / Deep House / Nu Disco /





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