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Dave watson

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I first started djing around about 15 years ago when i was 17. It was by chance i knew a dj in a bar and one week he asked me if i could do his set for him as he couldnt make it and gave me a brief lesson on what to do and from there i was hooked. I started getting sets playing hip hop and garage in Doncaster and sheffield and then discovered speed garage in 2001 and then started playing that. During that time myself and 3 others started a label called Gridlockd Records which became one of the biggest labels in the scene in a very short time as we were the only label making original tracks. Fast forward 15 years and in that time i played the first bassline set on bbc 1xtra, put together a compilation for ministry of sound (Maximum bass 2007) And had tracks signed to mos and all around the world (Universal). I decided in 2008 that i wasnt gonna pidgeonhole myself to one genre and went self employed as a dj and tutor. Around that time i got my own show on local legal radio station sine fm and my weekend vibes show did so well they moved me from 2-3 sat afternoon to 6-8 saturday night the show before dj legend graeme park. Nowadays i do a show on sine fm 102.6fm in Doncaster or worldwide every tuesday evening 8pm-10pm.


Mobile: 07511251719




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