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To some they are just Dj\\\'s and production duo but in reality they are South Africa\\\'s first US funky house export, with his hit single African Attitude, signed to Look at You Records, a major player in the US house market. Their tracks are cleaning up the charts and have had good reviews from Kaskade to Olav Basoski as well as various FM stations pushing the track on their play lists. Silkstroke is ready to take the world by storm. Who is Silkstroke? DJ Mario Viegas has over 20 years of DJ experience.

The other half of Silkstroke on the production side has refined and polished the sound for the American market. Shaun Shaw has been producing dance music for over 5 years with styles ranging from house, electro, and the funk. After meeting in clubs in and around Johannesburg, Mario recognized his vision and embraced the sound of his sets.

He started collaborating on projects and over time all tracks were evident thus deciding to release them 1 by 1 in the states. Their first release was snapped up instantly by Look At You Records. There is a lot to say about Silkstroke(Mario Viegas & Shaun Shaw) but one thing is certain they have stood at the edge of the international and local house scene for some time waiting for the perfect moment to drop his releases on an unsuspecting market and has been on top oftheir game ever since. Look at You Records in the United States has signed a 5 year contract on the strength of their African Attitude track.

Silkstroke has captivated the US house market and established its roots in the funky house genre. With 15 singles and remixes to their name, Silkstroke has started to become a household name. Being based in South Africa has not stopped his relentless pursuit to producing quality funky house music. In addition toSilkstroke\\\'s world-beating production, Silkstroke is continuing to travel the world as one of the most dynamic DJ\\\'s. Never afraid to drop peak-time anthems or soulful vocals, Silkstroke is unique in his understanding of how to combine a true, underground house sound with a big room party vibe, with an adventurous sound that can be tough and dynamic, smooth and funky. New tracks Assume Nothing& Aint Nothing But A White Boy are in the process of being signed. The typical sound of Silkstroke is defined by its live sounding basslines and high percussion, not to mention the vocal. Its funky house in its purest form meandering through laidback openers to creating and holding the tension on the dance floor. Silkstroke are here too stay


Silk stroke’s dj career is brought to the solders of house music by landmark achievements – the first DJ’s in South Africa to actually put South African dj’ing and producing on the map of the world. Mario Viegas andShaun Shaw have played along side legend international dj’s like Jeff mills the sharp boys Malcolm Duffy tall Paul dj jean e Craig Jorgen lock and load peter ward and the list goes on and on also gigs right through Africa Namibia Mozambique Zambia Botswana and that’s why everyone is calling them the AFRO DISCO .In Johannesburg the capital of clubbing in south Africa they have pretty much have covered everything from the 80’s clubs like Bella napoli top club q’s Jacqueline’s pta masquerade in the 90’s global explosion synergy one of the best clubs the workshop gates poison planet house exodus headquarters 4 th world and the last super club in Johannesburg TRAMPS these are just some of what they have covered in night clubbing and most of major events abroad.
Mario Viegas Born in Mozambique brought up in south Africa Shaun Shaw born and brought un in the big SA both became interested in DJ’ing because they liked to share music with other people. Mario Viegas When I was younger, I\\\'d listen to a radio show called the 3 o clock thrill on 5fm with all 12” maxi cuts I listen a lot to Ben Lybrand’s mix’s Norman cook known as fat boy slim KOTO 49ers the max mixes the bolero mixes and a lot of italo disco and there are so many more and these guys were the ones in the day to do the business .Shaun Shaw caught up the 90’s and now 2000 but don’t let the year say anything this guy is pretty much into things with a massive record collection on hand he has caught up his music knowledge in a tremendous way don’t let age fool you. With their smash hit African attitude there is much more coming your way you can count on that. Mario Viegas has done everything that a professional dj would wanna do in the club scene the next step would be producing the guy that really pushed Mario was a guy by the name ofShaun Shaw a real demon behind the music programs mastering and everything that has to do with APPLE Program based, they have argued thrown things at each other but it was all worth it silk stroke is here and its here to stay. Working on new material all the time they can only go forward the funky scene is about to change because the boys from Africa are here. Mario has been dj’ing for many years now and he’s loving every minute of it from the playing side and the producing side. The producing side has made it come alive again
These guys have played from trance to hard house deep house and funky but they have discovered that they are happy with the funk the funk brings out the goodness in people love peace and sexiness. Funky to us is taking the best of everything and put it together in a set and see people sweating it out on the dance floor like a big workout

Describing the last few years as dj’s a journey of defining moments as well as the usual club scene successes ,their roots are growing under the weight of numerous ways we are really aware of what was going on, the music scene we just have to keep up with the times work on new material in other words big tunes.
Silk stroke the funk is a way of life


Since the age of 10, DJ Benny Dawson has been entertaining people with his infectious brand of music. Having started playing at family functions and weddings, then opening and playing to packed clubs all over the world, Benny has been at the forefront of the dance scene. He is able to establish an instant connection with the crowds, allowing him to evoke feelings, goose bumps and déjàvu, right up there with life changing experiences.

Starting in Johannesburg in the early 80\\\'s, he had an enormous influence in the creation of the dance culture. He held various residencies, namely: Johnny Rockets night club, Dukes, Masquerade, Rokafellaz, The White Horse Inn and Gates. Benny then went on to open, design and manage ESP which was formerly Idols and The Castle with Michael Coyle (Castle Dance Productions).
He ran and helped DJ Dizzy (Dean John Athienides) with the Bluehouse trio ‘raves’ and was involved at various levels in many big name productions, namely: Activate, The Boom Raves, Fluid, Krush 1 and 2, Liquid Dreams, Thump, Throb, Hell Raver, Looking for Love, Natural Born Ravers, Mother Raves, Strictly Rhythm, Soundfactory, Sextacy, Sphere Raves, Squeeze, Shut Your Mouth, Spiritual Awakening, Warp and others.

From Raves to residencies, Benny was there, organizing, promoting and driving the scene from a hands on basis. This led Benny to working for Gallo records for 3 years, where he got into music production and radio, working with Titch Mataz, on one of South Africa’s top radio stations 5fm.

Having played all over South Africa from big cities to small towns, Benny started producing and releasing albums around this time. His first mixed album to go commercial in 1998 was ‘Sooped up’ David Gresham which sold out.

Having had the opportunity to be the opening act for Sasha and John Digweed’s Northern Exposure, Benny wanted to broaden his horizons and share his music. Overseas was beckoning, and Benny left our shores to play in clubs from London to Ibiza, spreading his love for music. He played at various guest slots in the UK including Boxfresh in 2006, The Metro Clubs in London 2007, St Albans and Luton, Bourne Slippery 2010, Echo Boat Party London 2010.

In Benny’s words: :I would say my music has a mellow techy house vibe, it can be trancey baleric and have an uplifting smile sound, sometimes dark, light and warm all after each other. I like to lift people then drop them into a warm happy break that inspires rather than enquirers, but that would be giving it away. I also enjoy large build ups and complete changes.”

At present Benny enjoys playing uplifting trance, but this versatile artist does not limit himself to any one style of music. Benny’s flexible nature, and true, genuine love of music, allows him to please and interact with diverse crowds. He makes sure his crowd experiences the feeling of being one with the music. Mind, body & soul become captivated by the uplifting sounds, causing bodies to ebb & flow to every beat, every movement a pulse of energy igniting the dance floor into a unison of pure musical euphoria.


Mobile: +27 763937969


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