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Edward Adamov- also known as \\\"DJ Ametisto\\\" -one of the best and most sought-after DJs in Moscow.
Born on June 5th, 1992 in Yerevan, in the age of two with his parents moved to Moscow.
By Edward music did not come, he said to him it has always been.
With 14 years, he was a frequent visitor to the club, where he worked as a promoter, and watched how the DJs. At age 19, he played his first Ametisto SET in Funky Mama, and then away we go. Numerous performances, tours and presentations.
Currently, Edward is a representative of the label Hustla Family, he is behind the shoulders of students, who are now just break dance floors in Moscow and following in the footsteps of his teacher.
And after three years of fruitful work over creativity, gaining experience, the author presented his first track in August 2015, who has repeatedly sounded on the radio \\\"Megapolis\\\" titled - \\\"Morning & Night\\\".
I like: music, flights, travel, active audience, gay people
I hate: Lies
Recommendation: set a goal and achieve it
Interested: Dj-ingom music
I know: How to lighten the mood on the dance floor
I am able to: raise the mood, to meet the good music! Maintain contact with any people


Email: Djametisto@gmail,com



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