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Darryl Loxton AKA ‘ Dj Darryl ’ was born the 13th June 1993 in Johannesburg located in South Africa. His Mom then decided to move back home to Port Elizabeth when he was just only 9days old and that’s where he grew up. Darryl was raised by his Grand Parents, he is very grateful and feels blessed to have Grand Parents like them. Darryl lived in the ’ Northern Areas ’ , a Suburb named Salsoneville and attended the nearby primary school ‘Triomf Primary School’ from grade 1 to 6. As a child he grew up surrounding himself with the wrong crowd but he was raised to know the difference between right and wrong even though at times he would decided choose the wrong road.

As you can tell, Darryl has a huge passion for music since a very tender age. He always looked up to his father whom is a business man and a Dj "Like father like Son" he says, but he’s taking it to another level. One of Darryl’s friends told him about Fruity Loops Studio ( A production program ), not knowing what it was, he thought his friend was just trying to make a fool of him because that was around about the time Fruity Loops cereal became popular on the shelves. He eventually got hold of FLS and started producing ever since and never parted ways with the software. He says he never went to any production classes just opening the program reworking the demo projects and doing some research at times helped him to become the producer he is today. He can remember making tracks and it did not even make any sense what so ever but he felt as if it was the next best thing. As Time progressed he improved on his sound and says he is still learning today, sometimes he even surprises himself.

One day Darryl went on holiday to visit his Dad and then had the opportunity to lay his hands on a set of CDJ's and that was around about the age of 11 years old. Although it sounded like horses galloping he enjoyed himself to the fullest. He then mastered the basic fundamentals of mixing and ended up setting up and playing for family functions. Due to the negative influences in the suburb he lived in, his family moved to Kabega Park and then he attended Kabega Primary School. Soon thereafter, he went to High school (Secondary) and then started promoting his music between the students, doing school functions and bookings for parties. There was this one moment Darryl says he won’t forget " I can still remember riding late one night with 2 of my buddies telling them to give me 3 or 4 months and I’ll be playing at bigger functions, it was not even 2 months later when I made my first appearance on stage at an under 18s function hosted by Mr.F and Master T”. Shortly thereafter, he made his first appearance in a nightclub in 2008 and it was the best feeling ever.” I've always looked older than I actually was growing up, so it was very easy getting into clubs lol ". Ever since then doors just kept opening for the young talented Dj.

Today Darryl is signed by Darkmello Recordings and released his first track under the label - ‘A Plus’ featuring ‘Naz Williams’ Together they are called ‘GemSoundz’ . Darryl is also on the verge of signing to a record label based in the USA where he will be touring the U.S in June of this year 2014.
Darryl produces a various different styles of house such as Deep House, Electro, Minimal Tech, House and Bass, R&B / Hiphop on request etc anything to get you dancing or even when you want to take on the long road and just cruise.

Darryl has had the privilege to played alongside SA's top Djs and artist such as

Mi Casa
Jay b
Roger Goode
Clubs He has appeared in
•Dogg Foundation aka La Dee Das
•The Godfather Supreme
•Club Galaxy Up
•The Khyber
•Incognito Lounge
Just to mention a few
You can follow him on
Facebook: Dj Darryl iNsAnItY cLiMaX
Twitter :@Dj_Darryl_I_C_P
Email. :gemsoundz06@yahoo.c­om
For Bookings Call (+27) 74 503 9830



Mobile: +27 74 503 9830



Other: @Dj_Darryl_I_C_P

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