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Ebo was born in Liverpool in 1969 and joined the house music scene from the acid days of the late eighties.He quickly become a lover of piano house,artists like Njoi,True Faith and last rhythm who released probably his favourite track of all time of the same name.He was a regular of the STATE club in Liverpool until it closed and moved on to QUADRANT PARK.He loves Oldskool but their is only so much you can listen to,so you have to move on.He plays mainly Tech House,Techno,Tribal and Progressive house and has so be prepared for his Sets and Shows coming your way which will take you on a Musical journey. Djing has moved on now and so have I,currently Djing Digitally with Serato and also Virtual Dj pro infinity with Reloop Terminal 8 and I am currently promoting my own nights at Williamson tunnels in Liverpool and djing at many events including Reminisce Festival,Big Love, Classicfest,Dig Deep,Sweet Sensations and State Re-unions






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