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Double D

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Double D (Seamus Daley-Dee.) I am a 18 year old aspiring Musician/Producer who works with a lot of musicians to create any sort of creative/experimental music. My passion is music and making music and I hope to pursue it as a career. I have used production software such as FL Studios to create some of these tracks since December 2011. As of May 2012, I have moved software and started to use Ableton which I much prefer as many artists use it and recommend it as well as it being easier to use and create unthinkable sounds. I am also a drummer, so for my music I pay close attention to rhythms/beats. Rather than having a simple dubstep/house beat I go the extra mile and see what can be further added to give the beat a more funky vibe to a track. I hope I influence anyone to make music and I hope for people to enjoy listening to mine.




Other: Twitter: @seamusdaleydee

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