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I first showed an intrest in music at the age of 12 however this was musical instruments such as Guitar, Bass guitar and drum\'s. I did not enjoy having to rely on other people to create a full track therefore at the age of 22 i started DJ\'ing on a set of belt drive Numark vinyl decks and shortly after moved on to Direct drive one\'s. My interest was very limited at the time as i was starting to realize that everyone had moved onto CD and were not only playing the tracks but now producing them.

So one of my mates clued me up to a program called Reason 4. I knew how to structure a track but didn\'t really know how to get the sounds i wanted at first and the sound bank was very limited. I made a few badly done un-mastered tracks but was really starting to get a idea of how a song went together having messed about for about 6 month or so.

I lost my equipment after that and it has taken me a while to get back into it but at the age of 25 i finally got back into producing and had some tip\'s off a few mate\'s of mine that are better at it then me and i have them to thank now for how far my producing has come in the space of time I\'ve been doing it.




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