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Safe people, I'm ENiGMA Dubz (J), a Birmingham based Producer/Musician. I have been passionate about music since the age of 5 when I began taking Cello lessons and after 15 years I had completed my Grade 8 and played in a number of renowned orchestras including The CBSO Youth Orchestra, Midland Youth Orchestra and the Central England Ensemble.

At the age of 15 I found out about 'Reason' and my producing/composing work began. After finishing school I started a degree in 'Music Performance' but during the course at Birmingham Conservatoire my passion for the producing side of things was obvious and I dropped the course to take up a degree in 'Music Production' at Leeds College Of Music' .

Today I am using Logic Pro 9 and Fruity Loops to create music in all styles and also work as a 'Sound Engineer' for Birmingham House DJ's. My passion for Bass and underground sounds has driven me in the Dubstep and Garage scene but I am also influenced by life and emotion so the music I create can variate often from dark and heavy basslines to atmospheric synths, soundscapes and acoustic work.

Be sure to keep an eye and ear on my soundcloud and also my up and coming DJ sets to hear my new music. Also, keep and eye out for the free downloads, aswell as my released material, including my forthcoming album 'Variationz', which will be out this year on LU10 records and will include tracks in a variety of styles and vocals from KT, Screama and Drapez!

I hope you enjoy and feel my music and a big thank-you to everyone who's supporting my tracks, ENiGMA Dubz


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