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Hailing from Manchester, Bren and Wilba, started their musical careers way back in the 1980s working with many bands, always on the cutting edge of new ideas. Bren taking up the electronic side of the business being inspired by Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire, Human League (early) and John Foxx. Yearning for the latest technology when it was so basic, kept me on my toes until the late eighties when the equipment advanced fast enough to satisfy a new beat. Wilba at this time also had a passion to create something new. He drew upon influences far and wide. Working with a variety of innovative guitar bands he traveled Europe playing and enjoying the new vibes. Then a new explosion stormed the U.K. with Manchester at its centre. The pair were there poised to take their places as the country screamed ACID! They then helped provide a soundscape to the smiley generation, bleep time! Always there within the Rave scene, hands in the air, at the legendry clubs ( The Thunderdome, The Hacienda and All the underground Warehouse parties). Bren and Wilba came together and pooled their mighty musical knowledge,took up the decks,and spun the tunes they loved, and formed Flowmika. Dont ask what the name means! Through years of listening to the ever changing musical scene they mutated their influences from over the party years, mixing in Latin tinged percussion and some soaring classical strings, whilst following their own musical agenda and working it to the bone! Adour studios came to fruition in 2002 and it became a playground for their imagination. Now we are proud to present Tunes to get you to your feet and celebrate the Dance Scene of the past and the future. flowmika are available for production and remixing

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