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In 1998 Harry Costas enrolled at Midrand University where he studied a Bachelor of Business Administration. It wasn’t long before he was Dj ing at the University Radio Station alongside long time DJ / Producers Alan M and Sean Oxley. In the same year Harry was spotted by a 96 Degree`s club owner named Dirck Pont in Rosebank. Harry was soon after nominated as the warm up Dj for the legendary DJ Adrian. Harry quickly moved up the ranks and was soon Dj`ing at Stop 1, Krypton and the Foundation.

In 1999 Harry received a residency at I.C.E. and Mother Productions, making him the longest running Mother Resident after Paul Almeida. Harry has played line ups alongside Dj`s like Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Sasha and Digweed, Tidy Trax Dj`s, Trade DJ`s, Style of Eye, Scott Mac, Louis Paris, Claire Wonk, Kalevra, Kanan K7, Emerson Todd and most South African Dj`s on the the circuit. Harry has played most clubs and venues in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

By 2000 Harry was producing his own music under instruction of the iconic Dj Dizzy. After a series of Slippery n` Wet parties co hosted by Gen x and E.S.P. Sun City was utilised as avenue for dance parties and award ceremonies, leading to the inception of the current Spring Break at Sun City. Harry and Dave Skinz(Dj Mix Club) would travel to Cape Town regularly summoned by the Futuretribe crew to play at a series of events called The Elements at The Piano Lounge.

After E.S.P. End street`s closure Harry picked up residencies @ 115 on Anderson, c3 and the legendary 206 where he was the 208 resident, the next door 206 residents at the time were old freinds Shaun Duvet and Guy Herman.

Harry`s next major residency was upstairs at Reality/Insanity for a stretch of +-1 year.

By 2003 Harry teamed up with Gareth Mc Ewan aka Howard Hope, the founder Blue Chip Events to co host an annual deep house event.

In 2005 Harry worked for Trans Africa Radio, syndicating radio shows hosted by Black Child and exported to over 8 million listeners across Africa.

During the next period harry qualified as a sound engineer at Allenby Campus graduating with classmates including the highly successful Dj Cleo and Harael Salkow(Soul Candi) to name a few.

In 2007-2008 Harry partnered in the Alberton Guitar and Music School where he lectured and recorded a wide spread variety of artists ranging from Gospel to Techno, from Tokoza to Tanzania. One of Harry`s most recognised Hip Hop collaborations / productions called the Take Over enjoyed much airplay on Y fm. A young rapper called Nic Explicit featured on the track, later remixing it ” She Parties “ which also aired regularly on 5fm and Highveld. The Take Over was nominated for a Hype Award that same year.

In 2009 Harry paired up with prime slot and radio legend Chilli M on Yfm for a year, filling the Friday guest Dj afternoon slot. The collaboration saw various shared productions and the co creation of the Y Academy. Harry also played regularly at Sugar on Sundays, working closely with the talented wiz kid Cheeky D who has of late become one of SA `s top export producers.

2010 saw the international launch of DirtySmart clubbers clothing range to South Africa. The launch of DirtySmart DJ Adventures was held at the Truth Night club, various other sponsored parties including FHM were promoted and hosted by Harry and the local DirtySmart team.
Harry also features regularly at The Function hosted by Defplant and Waide Lemos(Mute), an industry night dedicated to showcasing local DJ and producer talent. Harry was also a Saturday night resident DJ at club Feva.

2011 proved to be busy year for Harry managing the music line up for Bar Fusion simultaneously hosting a number or parties under the banner of his own brand called HouseWorx. Harry has been fortunate enough to be involved and play for long time promoter and veteran Ricky Da Mata @ The Planet Of The Grapes one of the highlights of his career. Harry has also been selected to play guest slots Upstairs @ Truth throughout the year.

Harry has been producing from the beginning of the PC production era and among 100`s of original tracks has remixed for the likes of:

Cheeky D
Kanan K7
Shaun Duvet
RJ Benjamin

In late 99-2000 a few friends joined forces to breathe some life into the otherwise dwindling scene after Pharcyde began focusing on their Synergy events and decent raves were few and far between.

The production company was born out of necessity when Jason Hall (John Sonner), Marco Ruschioni, Ian Lee and Gary Nahman met in the Cape Technikon cafeteria, brought together by the DJs at CATS radio, the local technikon campus radio station to stage a launch party for the revamping of the campus radio. We opted to create a return to the old ways in the only way we saw possible - one night of insane partying!

The first event would likely be our most memorable, with Futuretribe having secured premises unlike any before - in the skytunnel connecting two educational buildings on campus in the shape of an elongated and it took us a good 2 months of preparation to pull off. We had hot competition from a few other raves and club parties on the same night, but the first event still managed to pull in almost 2000 ravers, mostly of the old school variety which we were hoping for.

The main dancefloor (the tunnel) was stacked with speaker racks all the way down both sections of the tunnel, with the DJ at the apex. degrees, Stop 1, Mother Productions (the longest running Mother Productions resident DJ after Paul Almeida) and I.C.E . Harry could often be seen at 10 000+ people gatherings / Raves, playing along side DJs such as Shaun Duvet, Guy Herman (Pimp Squad), Cheeky D, Dizzy,Surge, Alan M, Anthony Bakos, Adrian and Byron Seimenis to name a few.

Another DJ flown in from Joburg who is now known as Dave Skinz co-owns his own record store in JHB and is a resident at ESP.
Both DJs up until today play alongside some of the finest local and international acts the world has to offer!



Telephone: +27 11 883 6074

Mobile: +27 829759296





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