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This is Helen M a House Music DJ & Producer from Leeds. Her biggest aim in life is to , Make Music & Make people smile :o) Enjoyment levels should be taken to the absolute highest because your only here once, so thats what she intends to do!!! No doubt about it
From listening to her first bootlegged Zone mix-tape in the early nineties, Helen was extremely curious to know what it would be like to be part of this Rave scene...(Get your white gloves out)Ha Ha.. She wanted to be either part of the crowd, or even unlikely she thought, a DJ! :o) At the very least she just wanted to be part of this amazing atmosphere that had her longing for more and more. So as time went ..after several messy weekends clubbing she decided to give mixing a go…..
Helen M is quite possibly one of the best female dj\\\'s that I have ever heard. Her seamless and exciting mixing goes to prove that girls can mix just as good as, or in a lot of cases better than boys!
Helens main passion at the moment is Deep House and Minimal but she also plays Electro and Tech house. Her track record of whom she has warmed up for proves that her mixing skills and tune choice

are perfect. As follows....
Matt Cooper, Scott Bond, Matt Hardwick, Rob Tissera, Eddie Halliwell, Charlotte Birch, Lisa Pin Up, Caz Banks
Helen also held down a three-year residency at the Loft nightclub in Cumbria before moving to Leeds. She played on a regular basis at Insomnia, a successful night created by DJ James Ryan and also played several times at Fusion nightclub in Cumbria, which as also seen many big names..... Eutopia was another night that Helen played for on many occasions which ventured to Carlisle, Scotland, Newcastle and Sheffield. She has also held down residencies at Broke and Corrupt, these are nights run by Macheen Boi, another successful DJ from Hardside Promotions. Helen M currently has a residency for a successful Tech House night in Leeds Called Mooch...
Keep your eye..s pealed for this lady…. She`ll blow your mind! :o)


Mobile: 07758964506



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