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Mighty Blaze based in Sheffield started his journey into music back in early 2002 learning how to produce speed garage with his cousin DJ Veteran.
In 2003 he signed up to reflective and release his first vinyl on sik records "get mad".
He decide that it was time to start djing he started at zero and by late 2004 he was up and down the UK.Mighty Blaze from the start found him self loving the dark evil style bassline so took that route.
On his second release he teamed up with DJ Veteran and they went under the Ailis A&E and the hit "as i come back" hit the shelf's.
In 2005 Mighty Blaze left reflective to join the Studio Beats team and released the "mighty ep" with the big hit "itsa Blaze ting" this mucky wobbler got his name even bigger. Then late 2006 mighty had a son and decided to take a year off to bond with his son.
In late 2007 mighty blaze got his old resident set at blue ice rotherham where he struggled to get back in the game as alot had changed in his year off but he battled thru.
In 2009 his name was getting recognised again and now in 2010 Mighty is making movements joining forces with dj rossboss to form "twisted swagger" and is part of rtd productions.
So look out for the name Mighty Blaze and Twisted Swagger cause there gunna make some noise in and around your endz

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