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Sam Hostage D

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Sam D well known on the Leeds scene with his monthly / weekly events he as run with several other promoters. Nights include Hostage @ Stinky's Peephouse / Inception Thursday's @ Varsity Leeds M.I.L.F Music I Like To Feel / Funkd Up / Candyland . The Passion as been there from as far as i can remember interviewing Sam this is some bits he had to say I am a humble individual, who at first glance you may think is shy and reserved, but when I engage myself with my headphones and my music I transform into something else its a take over no feeling like it ! I have been lucky enough through the years to DJ on some really big events and also see some incredible DJs and Live PAs perform at numerous events and parties Some have been superstars worldwide and others have been local up and comers on their way to national and international acclaim hope you like the material on the way.




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