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Shack has been a professional DJ for just over 20 years, playing at venues throughout Europe, he started off at a young age were he gained his first slot in a back street underground venue (Crackers B/burn) with possibly 200 guests/friends, progressing on to playing a massive part behind the infamous Blackburn warehouse days of glory were he quickly gained legend status within the 10 thousand strong army of real people that would attend these illicit underground parties every week.......


More recently, some well known underground Pioneers of House music artists like DJ-Shack & Wilba / Easy D / Rob Tissera have made interesting use of electro tech / dub step progressive -breaks, often incorporating them into house tracks. Jacking tracks like Deep house artist “Inland Knights dance-friendly hit "Stuck" are soulful” housed-up lyrics and rhythms over a relatively straightforward Jacking beat. Much growth of the current underground American Jacking beat scene has occurred in the UK last year. Acid and Soulful house veins, where jack rhythms are often fused with the deeper, polyrhythmic melodies from Afro-Cuban Jazz and World Beat genres. Many of these jacking-influenced tracks and jack hybrid rhythms are often listed under Soulful House, Deep House, or in cases where disco or even neo-soul melodies are used, Rare Grooves.

Not Everyone Understands House Music - It's a Spiritual Thing.


Mobile: 0771698239

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