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Steve Brooke (PDR)

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Steve Brooke, Born & Raised in Sheffield England, Has been Composing & Writing Music since 2001 and still going strong composing versatile Music.
Steve Brooke started out watching the legendary garage artist ‘ Big Ang ‘ From Sheffield known for her success with Siobhan Gallagher on the track titled (Cheating & Telling me lies), He then went on to getting his own copy of reason which back then was version 1.5

Not knowing much about music or how to use the software he got tips from watching Ang make her as what we call ‘ Bangers ‘, Growing up surrounded by Musicians and Artist’s he started to progress and be inspired from the scene that he was into ‘ Bassline ‘ and ‘ Speed Garage ‘ and from their he created his own sound using the name ‘ Steven X Basslines ‘

Many Years later he tried his hand with Dubstep, Not liking his sound he scraped the idea and carried on to what he knew best, Late 2010 Steve now known as ‘ Vee ‘O’ ‘ was offered a contract to join ‘Fuck Da Bling Records’(FDB) Owned by Huddersfield DJ ‘ Jammy Dee ‘

The fall of 2012 soo steve getting into Deep, Jacking, Tech & Bass House where still to this day he composes that very same Genre under his alias ‘ Steve Brooke ‘

Steve Brooke has been working & Remixing with numerous labels the past year [2013] with such genres as Deep house, Tech House and UK Garage on the following labels

NuWave Records (UK)
KMS Records (America)
BAMF Records (England)
Pro Deep Records (England)
Immoral Music (South Africa)
Scatter Music Records (Australia)
Dusk Media Entertainment (England)




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