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I live in Shefflied, UK and I have been producing music since 2001. I have not approached any labels yet because I feel everythig so far has been practice and a lot of my music has been experimental and a bit cross-genre.

All my family and friends love my past music and I will be sharing the future of my music with the people on this site. More recently I have been working on my mastering techniques and hope to be producing some amazing sounding tracks very soon.
The genres that I have been influenced by are House, Hardhouse, Happy Hardcore, Trance, Dance, Techno, Drum & Bass, Jungle, 2-Step Garage and Speed Garage. I used to go to the original Niche Nightclub on Sydney Street in Sheffield, which is well known for contributing to the UK Northern Speed Garage, 4x4, Finky House and Bassline House genres. I studied music production at Darnall Music Factory (I was there the same time as Big Ang but sadly it is now closed) and then later did another introductory course at Red Tape Studios in Sheffield. These days I try to both mix and make music from all genres and have recently purchased a decent microphone to do some live recordings. I am always willing to collaborate or remix, just get in contact.


Mobile: 07863864137



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