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Welcome to the home of We Are Intelligence - a record label aiming to bring new talent into the light.

We deal with all major online music stores, with our dedicated team delivering bespoke services, that are second-to-none, to suit all of our artists\' needs and goals.

Our intention is to develop a thriving new community for musicians and in-turn build a large support network for artists, enabling them to help each other progress.

We, as a label, will help you network and get involved with various circles of people, gaining you valuable opinions and thoughts on your tracks (even if artists just leave a quick bit of feedback for a track, all opinions are valued), in succession helping you to further progress your career and potentially getting your music aired and played all over the world - be it standard (and/or internet) radio, YouTube, dedicated streaming services, or digital download stores. We also offer releases, not just via digital download, but physical formats (CDs, etc.) as well.

We send our promotional CDs to radio stations and to other distribution mediums via our own, unique networks and links of favourably regarded, highly experienced individuals and groups in the industry, really setting us apart from the rest.

We take pride in going the extra mile to ensure our services are of the highest quality, making you, as an artist, happy and content with the services we offer, and how you take advantage of them. You are kept informed every step of the way: From distribution, to promotion, to release, and beyond.





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