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Will Varley

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Will was born in 1988 in the north of England, and from an early age he was always listening to dance music influenced by his father and his records and mixtapes from Sasha, Carl Cox and John Digweed.
By 15 Will bought his first pair of turntables, and practised day and night in order to get his first job at a youth club centre every Friday night when he was just 17. From there the work swiftly progressed into under 18s nights, foam parties and his first resident spot at a local bar playing commercial house music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Whilst working in the bar he entered and won a DJ competition for a resident spot on Saturdays playing underground house music, his passion for many years. 13 months later Will decided to forward his career by DJing in Ibiza in multiple locations.
Will has always had a keen interest in the production side of the music industry, and started producing his own style of house music from when hes was DJing at his residency in the UK. After a lot of hard work in his home studio, Will is now getting his Techno and house grooves signed by record labels.
The future is looking good for this up and coming dj/producer with many tracks set to be signed and released soon




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