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Is mastering really essential or can artists get away without it
99% of tracks need mastering in some way, from the basic leveling of
the tracks to extreme eq and compression and anything in-between! All
major releases are mastered so if a track isn't mastered, it will
likely not have the presence of sound to compete on the radio or on an
mp3 player against other tracks.

What if I don't like the mastering
If you are not happy then dont worry. The first new master will be carried out free of charge. Any subsequent master will be charged at standard master rate rate.

How do I place an order for mastering
Simply go to the upload section and follow the on screen instructions

How long does the process take?}
Your tracks will be returned mastered within 48hrs or less

What audio formats are acceptable?
Technical requirements?
To get the best possible result the following conditions are helpful:
•Samplerate: 44.1 khz
•Audio format: 24 bit
•Digital level: peaking around -5db

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