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DJ Raja (Shoaib Raja)
DJ & Producer from Bradford (UK) Aged At \'16\'
Shoaib had a noticeable interest in Music at a very young age and had shown great potential in what has now become his passion.
Throughout his early life he took his passion for music further and persuade his dream as a young artist, after 3 stranusas years of learning the basics of music production he then took his knowledge into a deeper unders​tanding using profes​sional music equipment and software.

Shoaib then started to create his very own fan base on YouTube & Soundcloud racking in the plays to prove his worth.
The young but very talented humble artist is showing early signs of success and sculpting a unique style of electronic music.

Shoaib is currently studying - Level 3 - Graphic Design (Diploma) at Bradford College and is going onto I.C.T in University.

\'Follow Your Dream\'






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